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Please find below answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

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What Is PPC Marketing?

Performance-based advertising. You only pay when people click on your ads.

What Is A PPC Ad Network?

A network of websites that sell their advertising space on a Cost Per Click basis, such as Google, Microsoft or Facebook. Some PPC ad networks include 1,000s of 3rd party websites.


How Much Budget Do I Need for PPC?

Our campaigns start from £1,000 which includes Keywords Analysis; Campaign Set-Up; Reporting and Regular Optimisation with view to improving your results and ROI over time.

Where Can I Advertise With PPC?
We geo-target our ads by Country, County and City. We can also target ads to within a 50 mile radius of your office/s.
How Do You Target New Customers?
Mostly by Keywords; Location; Time; Device; Company Size; Publisher; Decision-Make Demographics; User Behaviour and Interests.
How Do You Track Return On Investment?
We provide granular reports. We advise clients to track conversions via Contact Us Forms and New Sales.
What Determines My Cost Per Click Price?
Example factors including Bidding Price, Competition and ultimately how much you want to pay.
Why Should I Advertise Using PPC?
Controlled budgets; targeted traffic and measurable ROI – using suppliers that millions of companies are already making healthy ROI from.
What Industry Sectors Does PPC Work For?
PPC Marketing works for virtually all businesses where there is enough customer demand online. We give all potential new clients a free consultation and when we do not think your business should employ PPC, we politely refuse your business.
How Much Does A PPC Campaign Cost?
We can work with budgets from £250 per campaign. We usually deliver a trial campaign, then set an all-inclusive fixed CPC cost that our clients are happy with moving forwards with a set target Cost Per Lead / Cost Per Acquisition.
What Is Our Most Successful PPC Campaign?
We have regularly built up 6-figure campaigns whereby we know that our clients have realised over 10X in ROI.
What is SEO?
Optimising brands and websites to get them more exposure, traffic and new business online from search engines. SEO focusses on the organic rankings of search engines.
What Is Our Experience of SEO?
We have ~20 years experience delivering SEO campaigns for clients in various industry sectors. We deliver Onsite SEO solutions including Technical SEO and Content Provision including written articles, infographics and videos. Our Offsite SEO Solutions consist mostly of Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and Backlink Building services using 20+ white-hat SEO link building techniques.
What Is Our Most Successful SEO Campaign?
Our company owner delivered a £50,000 SEO campaign over 2 years that captured well over £1,000,000 of organic traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo.
How Do We Deliver SEO?
We deliver SEO through developing websites full of rich targeted content. Websites that load quickly and look great on all devices. This is the easy part. Our real success lies in our backlink acquisition programs, whereby we intelligently build your domain rankings in Google on the most high value and targeted keywords and key phrases for your brand.
How Much Do Our SEO Campaigns Cost?
Our SEO campaigns start from £500 for a one-off or 1 month campaign, however we recommend SEO Programs of 3+ months in duration for a natural link building patter and also to experience the full value of our SEO Solutions.
How Long Do SEO Campaigns Take?
We always deliver our SEO Solutions as quickly as possible. To simulate natural link building campaigns we always throttle those naturally across the course of any campaign. Realistically any change you make on your website will take 1-30 days to take affect on Google. Changes that you make on other sites – like placing videos on YouTube, or building backlinks in business directories – these generally take on average 30-45 for Google to crawl and index them. We recommend throttled SEO campaigns of 3+ months in duration.
What Is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliates are publishers and media agencies that promote advertisers on a commission-only basis. We manage Affiliate Programs for our clients whereby we manage all of the sales, marketing and affiliate relationship management as part of our services. Our company owner has managed several Affiliate Programs successfully being voted 1st/55 and also 3rd/255 in two separate Global Affiliate Awards events in 2020.
How Much Does Affiliate Marketing Cost?
Affiliates are usually paid on a Revenue Share; Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Lead basis. You decide how much you want to pay them. We charge a one-off setup fee to negotiate, setup and get an affiliate program live for just £250. We would set-up your Affiliate Marketing Campaign with a major Affiliate Network with whom we have Preferred Agency Status and thereafter our commission would be a 25% over-ride of total commission e.g. if we deliver 100 sales in 1 month at £100 Cost Per Acquisition our affiliates would get paid £10K and our commission on top would be £2.5K.
What Do I Need For Affiliate Marketing?
Advertising Banners + Landing Page/s + Affiliate Tracking via an Affiliate Network / Affiliate Software.  We provide all of the necessary assets in our £250 set-up fee and can recommend some useful 3rd party Affiliate Software providers who charge :£150+ / month for tracking / reporting / marketing / invoicing software to manage your Affiliate Program.continue readingbrowse around this web-siteview website richardmaile

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